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Gigi Carbonell: Your Resource For Child Support Matters in Miami-Dade County

Child support disagreements can prompt major drama during and following divorce. Your goal: to minimize chaos as much as possible while still ensuring the best outcome for your child. Gigi Carbonell can assist you with all aspects of child support. She’ll guide you through early negotiations, help you enforce existing orders, or secure modification.

How Child Support Is Determined in Florida

Florida courts use detailed guidelines to determine child support obligations for each spouse. Parents must provide financial affidavits, in which they verify both expenses and income. The type of affidavit completed depends largely on the parent’s annual gross income. This includes not only wages, but also bonuses, interest, pensions, or retirement income. Select items can be deducted, including income tax payments and some health insurance premiums.

Many parents arrive at child support arrangements through mediation. Although they seek assistance from official guidelines, they may find creative solutions that take property division, alimony, and other factors into account.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Unfortunately, no matter how favorable your child support arrangement, there’s no guarantee your ex will abide by it. Many parents fail to make child support payments on time — or at all. Thankfully, Florida courts offer multiple opportunities for recourse.

Typically, parents who don’t receive mandated payments file motions for contempt. This lets the court know that a valid support order exists, and that one parent has failed to abide by it. Following a court hearing, the judge may order the other parent to make back payments. Additional penalties may be assessed, such as fines, interest, or in select cases, jail time.

Child Support Modification

Changing circumstances may necessitate reductions in required child support payments. Most commonly, the paying spouse loses his or her job or suffers a medical condition that results in steep bills. Child support can be modified in Florida, but the spouse seeking modification must be able to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances. Your chances of achieving modification are far greater if you work with a skilled Miami-Dade child support lawyer such as Gigi Carbonell.

Whether you’re dealing with non-payment, hoping for a modification, or simply eager to learn more about child support in Florida, you can count on Gigi Carbonell for support. Contact the GCC Law Center, LLC to schedule a case consultation.

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